André Rieu - '70 Years Young'

André Rieu invites cinema audiences around the world to join in his birthday
The Maestro is turning 70 and throwing a lavish birthday party at his castle in
Maastricht - during the celebrations André will talk to cinema host Charlotte
Hawkins about his life and music.
André Rieu 70 Years Young is his ultimate concert featuring musical highlights
chosen by the maestro himself. This unique anniversary event will take you on
an unbelievable journey around the world to André’s most amazing concerts
such as Schönbrunn in Vienna, Radio City Music Hall in New York and the
Royal Coronation Concert in Amsterdam.
Join the party in cinemas and bring your friends to kick off the New Year in
style with the most wonderful music from the King of the Waltz.
Don’t miss out!

André Rieu
70 Years Young

SUN 19th JANUARY 2020

Tickets: £17.50
Concessions: £15.00

Box Office / Information: 01387 381 196

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